Lyndon Hedderly


Fueling tech-powered business performance, through transformation. 

My mission: help companies allocate technology spend against the best investments - to maximize ROI and reduce TCO.  

My expertise: Enterprise IT - digital customer interactions, adopting cloud solutions, modernizing legacy technology, IT operating models... 


...and specifically DATAFICATION - a key driver of the 4th industrial revolution.  Also referred to data-in-motion; 

'the transformation of events into data, or formats that can be stored digitally', and managed in flow. 

The Data-in-Motion Platform is a revolution in data infrastructure and application architecture.  Instead of storing static data (in a relational database, or a data lake), the streaming platform captures events, as they happen, in real time, at massive scale. 

Data-in-Motion Platforms have the potential to be as critical in business as the relational database has been. My current focus is to help companies adopt these platforms to realise the benefits of working with real-time data, at massive scale.